Shin-ban Megami Tantei Vinus File Episode 1




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Series Name: Shin-ban Megami Tantei Vinus FileNumber of Episode(s): 2

Synopsis: Karen and Rio, members of the Goddess Investigation Agency take it upon themselves to expose the underground organization of rapists and sex traffickers responsible for the murder of Rio’s younger sister Aya. With the help of their young apprentice detective Masafumi, the pair follow the trail of trademark narcotics used by the organization, battling not only those they set out to apprehend, but their own demons in the process.
Alternate Names: The Venus Files, Detective Goddess, Megami Tantei, 真版女神探偵 VINUS FILE
Aired: Feb 27, 2004 to Aug 27, 2004
Producers: NuTech Digital
Source: Manga