Jukujo Shigan Episode 1




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Series Name: Jukujo ShiganNumber of Episode(s): 1

Synopsis: Story revolve around a boy who is trying to get admission in a some university but can’t because of his lazy behaviour. He is desperate to have sex. How do I know? he literally screams “I JUST WANNA HAVE SEX”. He has a crush on his neighbor who is a hell of a Milf. One night he peaks into her window and guess what he sees there. the hot Milf was having some bondage sex with her husband who is degrading her calling her a prostitute but sex is consensual don’t worry. That’s pretty much it.
Alternate Names: 熟女志願
Aired: Sep 29, 2017 to ? (Currently Airing)
Producers: ZIZ Entertainment (ZIZ)
Source: Original