Anata dake Konbanwa Episode 4




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Series Name: Anata dake KonbanwaNumber of Episode(s): 5

Synopsis: Shōgo’s grandfather passes away, leaving him a large inheritance and a mansion, complete with a maid who quickly demonstrates she will do “anything” for him. However, Shōgo soon begins having visions, and starts seeing the ghost of young woman in the house. Upon attending school, he meets Ayane, who claims to be his fiancée, and the frisky Mizuchi sisters, Mone and Mocha. With so many women competing for his attention, his life soon becomes complicated, not to mention he’s still being haunted.
Alternate Names: Tonight, Only Just For You, Good Night Only To You, 貴方だけこんばんわ
Aired: Jul 25, 2009 to Oct 21, 2011
Producers: Milky Animation Label, AIC
Source: Original